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At msg life, we develop trust and we're shaping insurance companies' work experience with our own software delivered in worldwide projects and customers. With a cross-functional and cohesive team, as we continue to grow, we strive to remain as adaptable, motivated, and responsive to changes. We take pride in being a growth mindset focused team, up-to-date, and open to new ideas. We’re always transforming how we operate in order to adjust, expand, and make our clients’ lives better. At msg life, we know each other names, value different experiences, respect and trust our team members' work.

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Get a Snapshot of our culture from the experience of some of our team members

André Silva

Tech Lead

I had the opportunity to join msg life Iberia during its first months in Portugal. It’s a place full of learning opportunities, not only because we work and team up with other people around the world, but also because it’s one of the most praised values inside this company: to learn and to grow as an individual, a professional and as a team. Today we’re in a different place than we were in 2012. There are a lot more of us, more and more diverse projects and challenges, but I’m proud to see today the positive attitude, mutual support and team effort towards success that I found in msg life in its early years.

António Vela

Business Analyst

I have been part of the team since the beginning of 2017, in the role of Business Analyst. I was captivated by the possibility of working on international projects as part of a fast-growing team.
From the first day, I underline the focus on people and the relationships between them as the main success factor. Talent is valued, with space for individual freedom and attention to the motivation and expectations of each one, promoting a culture of mutual help and knowledge sharing.
I highlight the feeling of transparency, respect and commitment among all. New challenges are a constant, as well as the search for ways to improve as a person, as a professional and as a team. Change is embraced, always in a good mood.

Catarina Correia

Data Analyst

I started my journey at msg life Iberia in 2018 in a curricular internship. From an early age, I felt that the happiness and motivation of each one are really important. The friendly atmosphere and mutual help make each other’s work naturally easier, more efficient, and more productive.
Over the years, this team spirit has allowed me to constantly evolve, both personally and professionally, integrating dynamic and challenging projects on a daily basis.

Cátia Baião

Marketing & Partnerships Manager

“Let’s create a beautiful story?” this was one of the challenges I’ve positively respond to in the selection interview and that motivated me to join msg life Iberia in 2015. Since I embarked on this adventure, there have been several opportunities to grow and to contribute to the success story of the company.
Since my first day, I have had the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and worldwide perspectives, and the combination of this possibility and the exposure to multiculturalism is one of the factors that I value most in this adventure. Furthermore, this is a company where I recognize my brand, I see the impact of my work, and where I have also been fortunate to work with one of the most humane leaderships I have ever met.

Henrique Pinto

Software Engineer

After starting working at msg life Iberia it became very clear that there’s a big bet on the development of a culture where the key-word is openness. From the very first day, we are encouraged to share ideas to improve our software, workshop suggestions, team-building activities, or even proposals on the process of our daily work.
This way of thinking creates an environment where it is possible to grow on a technical level but also work with a team that is always ready to grow with us.

Luís Marques

Agile Coach

I started my adventure on msg life Iberia right in its first steps in Portugal. Over these 9 years, I was fortunate to collaborate with people from diverse countries and cultures. What excites me most about msg life is that we can continue to learn, with challenging goals, in which we feel involved and part of the mission.
I believe that the secret of our success is continuous improvement and now we have a new challenge: to grow while maintaining this culture of respect, equity and transparency.

Márcio Marques
Tech Lead

People. Commitment. Open mindset. These are the main pillars of msg life Iberia.
Being in this team from the beginning is a privilege, as we grew together – I understood its culture and I have also been sharing its principles with those who join the team. At the end of the day, in addition to the feeling of accomplishment, there are friendships that started through common experiences.

Tiago Neves
Software Engineer

I have been with msg life Iberia since 2012. Although the company has grown since then, its culture has not changed, maintaining a start-up spirit where a good mood, collaboration, and mutual help prevail.
One of the company’s aspects that I value the most is its concern with people’s motivation, with the possibility of switching projects in search of a new challenge. This allowed me to now focus on front-end development, an area where I want to become an expert.

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