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msg life promotes debates about ‘New Paradigm in Insurance Sector: from a Product-centric vision to Customer-centric model’

During this month, msg life has organized two Business Breakfast to discuss one of the most challenging topics in the insurance market. In collaboration with several Media Partners – Community of Insurance, in Spain, and Jornal Económico, in Portugal – the events took place at March 5th in Madrid and March 20th in Lisbon, where msg life invited insurance stakeholders to share their experience and vision about the trends and insurers needs to adapt to this changing market. In both events there were represented some of the most relevant insurance companies in the Iberian Market – ASISA, AXA, Grupo PSN, MAPFRE, Metlife, Ocidental Seguros, Reale Seguros, Santalucía Seguros, SegurCaixa Adelas, Swiss RE, and Tranquilidade, which we would like to thank for the availability and enthusiastic participation.

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We will be happy to continue promoting the discussion on these relevant subjects to the insurance industry.

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