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Handle your future with care

The Unified Platform, provided by msg life, is a mature solution for all lines of business built for insurance companies with a customer-centric vision. It gives you the ability to improve all your business processes’ efficiency while keeping the customer as the main focus of your action. Our platform brings fundamental change to your organization enabling more creativity in product design, which in turn powers true speed-to-market in Distribution, and efficiency in Administration, along with the ability to expand as the market changes and evolves.
Get ready for change, by gaining the autonomy to adapt to innovative business models!

Unified Platforms

Define, develop and distribute products

A unique platform that enables agility and flexibility creating or changing existing products.

Digitalization of all sales processes

A modular platform to support your multi-channel sales ability in all Lines of Business.

Manage your insurance portfolio

A streamlined management system for your portfolio.

Modular Solutions

Improve underwriting quality

Automate the whole underwriting process.

Boost your sales ability

A multi-channel platform to empower your company to follow a customer-centric approach.

Simplify group insurance complexity

Make every underwriter your best underwriter.

Manage your Reinsurance

An independent cost-effective, customizable reinsurance management system.

Fast Forward Solutions

Simplify the generation of all your insurance documents

A business solution to increase your effective personalized communication ability.

Digitalise your transaction control and document management

An efficient standard solution for completely digital management of your commercial transactions and document administration.