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Document Generation System Generation of all your Insurance Documents

DocG is the solution your business needs to increase the effective personalized communication ability. Based on parametrization and pre-designed templates, DocG generates documents in several formats, simplifying your daily business tasks.
Developed by msg life Iberia, DocG is a simple and powerful solution which can be plugged into existing or new systems to solve the common problem of Document Generation. Based on a template approach, your company will be able to personalize all insurance documents.

Simplify processes and increase your document personalization ability

Read external data

Be able to read data from different sources and formats.

Design your own template

Using existing editors (BIRT or Jasper), with DocG your company will be able to create and use your own document template.

Parametrize the details you need

With DocG you can transform data, associate context to template or use the rules you need (eg.: storing).


Generate documents as you need, such as PDFs, make them available for users and be able to monitor all the system.

Your advantages
  • Your brand, your documents – create and use your own documents
  • Increase your effective personalized communication ability
  • Define, generate new documents or regenerate easily and as needed
  • Monitor processes and improve your business effectiveness