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msg.Sales Web-based multichannel and multi-line of business platform to support Quotation, Underwriting and New Business processes

msg.Sales is our ground-breaking solution for the development and distribution of your insurance products also available on cloud and on premise. Able to cover all Lines of Business (life, non-life, and health insurance) and integrate with several Back Office systems, msg.Sales empower your company to have a uniform approach to its product distribution in all distribution channels, following a customer-centric and omnichannel approach.

For those insurance companies looking for a platform that can be embedded in their customer channel support, increasing speed and efficiency in the go-to-market strategy can make use of our innovative multichannel and multi-device platform. With msg.Sales you can ensure focused multichannel management and a successful cross-media strategy that enables you to win new customers efficiently and fulfill clients’ expectations better.
Take full advantage of this Software as a Service (SaaS) offer.

Boost your sales abiliy

Easy integration

msg.Sales is able to cover all insurance Lines of Business and integrate with an array of Back Office systems.

Increase flexibility in up and cross-selling

Combining and packaging marketable offers and up-selling scenarios, with msg.Sales you will improve your sales team performance - selling the right product to the correct customer.

Automate your sales processes

The high degree of automation of all business processes provides you with a clear advantage in everyday clerical work.

Improve your ability to respond to market demands

The solution’s great flexibility enables a short time-to-market for new products and ensure competitiveness.

Multichannel approach

Our solution supports a multichannel approach. It enables insurance brokers, sales staff and customers to access the system at the point of service, regardless of the sales channel and device used.

Available where you need it

msg.Sales can integrate with existing or new Back Office systems and can also be embedded in any channel support, increasing speed and efficiency in the go-to-market for new products

Your advantages
  • Modern technology for a safe investment and flexible process structuring
  • Supports underwriting and all sales channels
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Improve operating and sales efficiency
  • End-to-end support for the entire sales process
  • Suitable for all insurance sectors