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UAP.Reinsurance Independent cost-effective, customizable reinsurance management system

Our independent application for insurance companies configures the composition strategies of reinsurance premiums and calculates all relevant reinsurance values and reporting.
UAP.Reinsurance is an effective cloud-ready solution that perfects the full range of services required by an insurance company for end-to-end coverage across the entire insurance value chain of its life cycle. The system supports, both proportional and non-proportional reinsurance, including obligatory as well as facultative reinsurance. Our solution makes it possible to keep all of your reinsurance treaties in one place defining rules of settlement of reinsurance values, have all information at hand at any given moment, and to link those reinsurance rules, to an arbitrary number of reinsurance companies. With UAP.Reinsurance also being a user-oriented system, it also enables the user to gain insight, not only on which parts of insurance contracts are reinsured, but also the distribution of reinsured risks within the process of underwriting.
Make it part of your IT landscape as an integrated part of your system, or use all of its services as an independent system, either way, gather, centralise and analyse your reinsurance data with precision and speed.

Increase your reinsurance ability


Our highly efficient standard IT-solution optimizes your administrative processes, provides an extensive mapping of all relevant data, and offers a uniform system architecture, thus ensuring optimal and secure implementation of your reinsurance business.


A microservice-structured software solution that can be deployed in the form of Docker images and is therefore cloud-ready, enabling the ability of auto-scaling, advanced resilience and self-healing mechanism, replications over different data-centers and time zones, detailed monitoring, 24h/7 availability, modern security technologies and all the other benefits that come with cloud environments.


The option of prescheduled batch-processing enables you to significantly increase the automation of complex routine tasks as well as reduce processing times. Our solution significantly boosts productivity and processing quality within the digital world of processes.


Predefined interfaces make sure for a seamless workflow of all your business processes. Ranging from the import of contract states, technical provisions, claims and claim reserves directly from the contract administration system, the export to the general ledger and Data Warehouse, up to the authorization service and UI, UAP.Reinsurance supports secure and dependable information exchange and quick production starts at all times.


UAP.Reinsurance offers synchronized support of contract management systems in order to provide information regarding reinsurance portions and accumulation of risks in the offer during the quoting process.


Since our software solution is cloud-ready, msg life can provide the application environment, software maintenance, and technical operations.

Your advantages
  • High degree of investment protection and future security provided by service-oriented system architecture and cutting edge Java technology
  • Short implementation phase within approx. 2-3 months from project launch to deployment
  • Data migration tool & migration expertise ensure a seamless transition from previously used systems
  • Cost-effective solution due to a high degree of automated processes
  • Fully cloud-oriented, thus providing greater speed, accessibility, sustainability and reliability
  • Availability in the form of SaaS or on premise
  • High level of integration with core systems, such as contract administration systems and peripheral systems
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency features are part of the standard package
  • User-friendliness through an intuitive user face enabling simple configuration
  • In- and outgoing billings are made possible via reinsurance settlement