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msg.Underwriting Automate the whole underwriting process

Underwriting is at the very core of insurance. In order to make the most of your underwriting resources and grow new business, you need to modernize your technology. You need a platform to define your underwriting process and rules; collect all data needed thru dynamic questionnaires; maximize customer experience and internal efficiency, and to mitigate risk with intelligent decision making.

msg.Underwriting Platform, also available on cloud and on premise, enables your company to work in a collaborative environment that makes the most of your underwriting resources and existing technologies while eliminating gaps between Product, Sales, Underwriting, Installation, and Administration by simplifying all the complexity.
Take full advantage of an adjustable platform to your business workflow and designed to support your growth.

Empower your business experts

Empower your business experts

With an open meta-model, you are able to define all the underwriting specifications, including rules, information needs, documents, processes, and roles.

Easy integration

A modular approach using modern technologies that simplify integration with existing systems, leveraging your investments and enabling fast adoption.

Adjustable to your business model

Tailor the processes and rules according to your Business Model specificities, including integration with reinsurers.


All around customization and get to market quickly: define and automate your underwriting process and rules, collect all data needed and mitigate risk.

Your advantages
  • Highly automated underwriting
  • Engage your customers through dynamic questionnaires
  • Improve internal efficiency
  • Manage complex underwriting cases and mitigate risk with supported decision making