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Unified Administration Platform Streamlined and cost-effective multi – sector management system for smaller insurance portfolios

Nowadays, it has become imperative to keep up with the speed of the market and offer each customer exactly what he needs. Insurance companies must enable customization, innovate digital products & services in real time, and simultaneously optimise operational costs and boost efficiency – particularly in back office functions.

The Unified Administration Platform is the answer to rigid, complex, and outdated systems which slow and paralyses business processes in the insurance industry. Designed as an all-around system, Unified Administration Platform, also available on cloud and on premise, optimises your company’s policy administration with flexible implementation as well as end-to-end capabilities and enables you a rapid development of new multi-line insurance products and thereby ensures your place as a viable competitor. Take full advantage of this Software as a Service (SaaS) offer.

Digitalisation in Insurance

Digitalisation in Insurance

Manage your portfolio with efficiency

Standard software

A constant business input is being provided by the community of insurance companies contributing to the system since it is being provided with the same core. Consequently, our release-driven standard solution enables our customers to protect their investments and secure their future.

Full Lifecycle Support

The Unified Administration Platform supports the complete product lifecycle, from the very definition of testable and sellable products to offers, contracts, all up to comprehensive set of back-office processes and claims. The handling of commissions, agent structures, partner administration, collections and disbursements, as well as fund transactions are simple and easy to handle.

Multi-language and multi-currency

For every company dealing with cross-cultural business, the multilingual and multi-currency represent truly valuable features of the system.

Flexible Implementation

Since Unified Administration platform is tailored in complete concordance with your requirements and business processes, you will reduce the required time for the development and to put products and into the market.

Your advantages
  • Lean all-sector policy administration system (life, accident, property, liability, and health insurance)
  • Short project terms with combined with a high level of experience in legacy data migration
  • Upgradable standard software package with consistent coverage in the core business of an insurance company
  • Automation of business processes and workflow
  • Complete and fully integrated comprehensive system covering the entire value chain of the back-office portfolio administration
  • Web-service technologies