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Unified Distribution Platform Digitalization of all your sales processes

Agents, brokers and wholesalers are now facing an increasingly changing market due to constant pressures from technological innovations, news regulations, and budget costs. With the ever growing spread of digitalization, both in working and living spheres, insurance companies must have the required flexibility to match this challenge, delivering consistent products and services as efficiently as possible, without forgetting that the customer is the centre of all endeavors.

Designed to cover the quotation, underwriting, and new Business processes, the Unified Distribution Platform is able to cover all insurance Lines of Business and integrate with an array of Back Office systems. With multi-channel capability, Unified Distribution Platform empowers your company to follow a customer-centric and omnichannel approach. As a standard platform, available on cloud and on premise, combining the advantages of marketing, product management, as well as field operations, the Unified Distribution Platform supports the complete process, ranging from data collection and validation to product configuration and availability, and all up to the generation of ratings and proposals. For those insurance companies looking for a platform that can be embedded in their channel support solutions, increasing speed and efficiency in the go-to-market for new products, Unified Distribution Platform is the right solution. Take full advantage of this Software as a Service (SaaS) offer.

Increase your efficiency in the go-to-market

Single source of truth

The Unified Distribution Platform enables you to define your products at a granular level so you can combine and package marketable offers and upselling scenarios. We guarantee accuracy and consistency by making sure that all data elements are reusable and not cloned.

Multi-channel approach

No matter the channel or device they choose, agents, distribution partners, service centres, and customer self-service can benefit the same excellent digital experience across all the sales process. With a customer-centric approach, the Unified Distribution Platform increases your ability to sell the right product to the correct customer.

Lifecycle digitalization

The analysis of customer needs, quoting, new business and endorsements, is easily supported by this highly serviceable platform.

Multi-line of business

Simplify and increase your ability to cover all insurance Lines of Business (life, non-life, personal, and health insurance) while breaking internal silos and boosting collaboration.

Your advantages
  • User empowerment: ability to combine marketable offers with minimal requirements regarding software development
  • Dynamic adaptation to new products with minimal software development requirements through the interpretation of new products and generation of needed data-gathering forms
  • Increased vertical collaboration
  • Enabling of agile integration with back office policy administration systems, portals, as well as other systems facilitated through a set of connection adapters
  • Provided support throughout the entire sales process
  • Uncomplicated and simple access due to a stationary and mobile application
  • Leverage of existing assets through the system’s integration capability (product configurators and engines)